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Welcome to the Performance Group Website

The Performance Group provides expertise for dealing with people issues when you need it. Whether you are starting up a new operation or investing in the success of a current enterprise, we are specialists dedicated to helping your company manage change, improve employee performance and satisfaction. We work in partnership with management to design and execute effective business decisions while keeping people in mind.

The Performance Group brings expertise and support to your existing staff as well as providing a flexible, affordable alternative to an internal Human Resources department. We work with you and your supervisors to help your employees work effectively.

Do you ask yourself any of the following questions?

  • How can we attract good people with the right skills?
  • How can we evaluate employee performance?
  • How can we improve performance?
  • Is our company benefit package competitive and cost effective?
  • How does our compensation compare with our competitors?

Through attention to your company practices and implementation of proven human resources systems your company will attract, motivate and retain the best talent allowing you to adapt quickly, stay ahead of the competition and be successful.